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18.07.2020 – 22.08.2020

Glacier Flea Weeks

Escape from the summer heat and inspire/wake your mind in the mountain’s freshness – in the effervescent/bubbly stream, in breezy heights, on a glacier tour or with a good glass of Valais white wine.

from CHF 784.–

22.08.2020 – 05.09.2020

Alpine ibex and marmotts – Weeks

Next to feeding marmotts, you might see majestic ibexes or a pack of chamoises. Whoever takes a picture of the three „ wild ones „ will get a nice surprise!

from CHF 749.–

05.09.2020 – 19.09.2020

Alpstyle Wellness – Week

Take a deep breath of fresh air from our alps and refuel on the power of nature.

from CHF 749.–

04. - 06. September 2020

Pleasure – Mile

Hoteliers in nostalgic costumes dandle you along mainstreet with a wide variety of local specialities.

from CHF 205.–

19.09.2020 - 17.10.2020

Colorful Autumnweeks

Deep blue skys and red raspberrybushes are typical for that time of year. And out of the kitchen emanates a pleasant aroma of luscious autumnspecialities.

from CHF 749.–

21.12.2019 – 28.12.2019


Snow-covered sceneries, festive menues and a romantic atmosphere in our hotel allow charming Christmas days.

from CHF 500.–

02.01.2021 – 23.01.2021

Skilovers-Days: 7 / 6

We offer you one day of your holidays. Profit of the slopes, they are yours!

from CHF 460.–

23.01.2021 – 20.03.2021

Park – Hotel Sportsweeks

Fast slopes and stunning views- the perfect winter feeling!

from CHF 1083.–

20.03.2021 – 18.04.2021

Easter Weeks

Fantastic snow conditions until late springtime. The good life can be so close! 

from CHF 1174.–
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